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TVirtualExplorerListviewEx (VELVEx) is a control derived from TVirtualExplorerListview that helps fill the void in VirtualShellTools due to the fact that it does not use the Microsoft Listview component. Because of this the Icon, Small Icon and List views normally associated with Explorer components are not available.

VELVEx = Unicode TListview + VirtualTreeview + VirtualExplorerListview

The VirtualExplorerListviewEx component creates a Unicode enabled TListview (thanks to Troy Wolbrink's Unicode enabled VCL code) that is implemented by and kept synchronized to the VirtualExplorerListviewEx.

Thanks to this VELVEx can implement the standard Listview viewstyles, simply change the ViewStyle property to one of this values:
- vsxIcon: similar to the TListview vsIcon viewstyle, on WinXP there's an option to use XL icons (48 x 48).
- vsxList: similar to the TListview vsList viewstyle
- vsxReport: similar to the TListview vsReport viewstyle, plus all the features and options VSTools TVirtualExplorerListview offers.
- vsxSmallIcon: similar to the TListview vsSmallIcon viewstyle
- vsxThumbs: thumbnail viewstyle, the VELVEx creates and shows thumbnails for supported image files.

A lot of work has been done to VELVEx to make it the fastest TListview Explorer control available and to top it off a fast Thumbnail view with compression support is implemented as well!

Short list of features:
- Fastest TListview implementation.
- Very small memory foot print.
- Optimized for high speed access.
- Fast thumbnail creation.
- Unicode support.
- Supports the following image libraries: GraphicEx, ImageEn, Envision, ImageMagick.
- Can create thumbnails of all the file formats Windows Explorer can open: html, Word files, Excel files, MPEG, AVI, WMV, etc.
- Support for custom image libraries, and on-the-fly thumbnail creation.
- Custom painting events.
- Built in cache mechanism for fast access and compression supported for thumbnails.
- Support for external database storage: Firebird, Interbase, ClientDataSet, BDE, third-party databases, XML, text files, streams, etc.
- And much more...