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The initial developer of this package is Robert Lee.

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Filename Date Size Description


21 May 2016


SpTBXLib for RAD Studio 2009 and up


21 May 2016


SpTBXLib compiled demos


21 May 2016


TB2K 2.2.2 patch for Delphi 2009 and up

Old Versions
Filename Date Size Description


15 April 2013


Old version for Delphi 7-XE3 and C++Builder 7-XE3

Git access

You can get the latest sources via Git. Sources obtained via Git may contain fixes or new features not found in the latest released version. However, those fixes and new features may not have yet been fully tested.


What's New
21 May 2016 - version 2.5.3
  - Added support for RAD Studio XE8, RAD Studio 10 Seattle and RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin
28 October 2014 - version 2.5.2
  - Added support for Delphi XE7
28 May 2014 - version 2.5.1
  - Added support for Delphi XE6
18 March 2014 - version 2.5
  - Added support for Delphi XE4 and XE5
  - Removed support for older versions of Delphi, SpTBXLib
    supports Delphi 2009 or newer.
  - Fixed TSpTBXTabControl flicker when used inside of a
    dockable panel.
  - Minor bug fixes.
15 April 2013 - version 2.4.8
  - Minor bug fixes.
  - Removed SkinType property from all components.
  - Added support for Delphi XE3.
7 February 2012 - version 2.4.7
  - Added support for Delphi XE2, thanks to PyScripter and Denis Kisalev
  - Added support for 64 bit Delphi compiler.
  - Added support for Delphi Styles.
  - Minor bug fixes.

Complete Release History